A different perspective…

What makes the same food range in price from one restaurant to another?  Is it the quality of the ingredients, the location or overall taste?

Join along as we explore what unites us across the world, our quest for good food.



My dad’s recipes…

A new section will be added in the upcoming weeks featuring simple to cook recipes from my dad.  List of ingredients, video tutorial will be provided.

Videos will be password protected and for followers of the site, they will receive the password to unlock the special cooking videos.


Thanksgiving with Strangers

“Thanksgiving with Strangers” is the name of the restaurant I would like to open in the future.

The name was inspired when my wife and I dined at “Miss Wilkes Dining Room” in Savannah, GA.  Dining with 10 strangers seated in a table together with food being passed around and conversations transpiring amongst everyone in the table.  The food was delicious but the company was the highlight given it was an unexpected experience; it reminded me of what Thanksgiving is all about.

Few things in life can unite strangers together, like food does…thus hoping one day to build a restaurant on the East Coast with this principle in mind, topped off with ‘southern hospitality’.

But until that happens, I welcome introducing food to friends and strangers whom may not be familiar of what lies out there.