Budapest Hungarikum Bisztro
Address Steindl lmre u. 13.
Budapest, 1051 Hungary
+36 30 661 6244
Review Family run restaurant providing all the charms that Budapest has to offer.

A few blocks away from Parliament and wish we had more days so we can go back and eat there a few times. Next time we will make sure we skip lunch before we have dinner as there were many tempting dishes to choose from, and we wounded up trying the Fried Dough better known as langosh for the appetizer, the duck breast and beef tenderloin w/fried potatoes and onions for our entrée. For our drinks, we order the Raspberry Flavor and to our delight, it comes out in a small vial with a pitcher of seltzer water, easily making 4 cups. Never had it presented this way and it was fun to set the strength based on our individual taste buds.

Incredibly friendly ; the food was delicious, a true bargain even if it would have cost us twice what we paid for it (we spent approximately 45 USD)

Do make reservations as there was at least 5 parties that walked thru the door but had to be turned away as it was fully booked. Wonderful.

Kyoto Cafe Kor
Address Sas utca 17
Budapest 1051, Hungary
+36 1 311 0053
Review Not easy to find food that is both tasty and cheap, but Café Kor is a spot you don’t want to miss when you are in Budapest.

Being from the States, where Foie Gras is now hard to find and always in the 40+ dollar range for one or two pieces, here at Café Kor, you get four pieces as part of your entrée for a grand total of 12 USD. As good as a food value that we have ever found.

Start off with the wonderful grilled goat cheese salad, we were expecting grilled and crumbled goat cheese but came out in full pieces to the delight of our taste buds. To then have foie gras, makes us wish we had more days to eat at Café Kor a few more times.

The meal cost around 40 USD ; even at the bargain price, this would have been well worth it at higher prices. Wonderful meal.


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