Restaurant Thanh Hoai 1
Address 73 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 233-8988
Recommended Dish “Pho” Xe Lua – Combination Extra Big Bowl (Rice noodles, beef soup, six different meats including brisket, navel, frank, masa tendon & eye of round)
Photo IMG_6800
Price $10.00 (7.95 + 2.05 tip)
Review Pho is my favorite beef broth across all cuisines, with intense flavor coming from having to make the broth with different beef bones and boiling for several hours.  Rice noodles and rare beef is added and side of bean sprouts, mint leaves and lime is given on the side but should be added in the broth.

Other locations outside of Chinatown, Flushing will sell pho, but not only is it significantly higher in price (upwards of $15), the portion is smaller and lacks the same intense flavor.

For the cold days, there are few things better than staying warm with this delectable dish.  And even on a hot day, if you want a cleanse tasting soup, head over and have Pho….delicious and only 10 dollars.

Outside of Restuarant IMG_6798
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