St. Maarten

Restaurant L’Escargot
Address Island Harbor, Anguilla
+1 264-497-4090
Review One of the most delightful and charming restaurants we have had the pleasure to dine in.

Décor both inside and outside is colorful with numerous interesting artifacts of Parisian items and escargot painting, figurines, etc. Guests who have frequented for years even did needle work of escargot to hang on the walls. Very charming.

Food is delicious ; sample escargot was tasty in particular the oil-n-garlic ; conch chowder was tasty with lots of small pieces of conch and did not taste as rich and thick as clam chowder in the states which is a positive. The special fish of the day which resembles the red snapper (never had it before) was wonderful ; fresh, no fishy taste and consistency was far different from most fish ; duck was great as well. Overall, everything we had was done perfectly.

What also makes the restaurant memorable is Joel, the owner and his staff. Wonderful stories to share and usually in restaurants, there are times you want to be left alone BUT these are wonderful people to talk to. We can easily see from the numerous pictures of friends who have frequented the establishment why they always come back….

Charming at its best…

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