Tokyo Sumibiyaki Kobe Beef Ikuta
Address 1-31-15 Yoyogi
No.2 Takarayama Bldg, 1F, Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture
+81 3-5304-7240

Real Kobe Beef is only available in Japan and we had been looking forward to this meal for quite some time. The prices was a concern given for the most expensive cut, it was about 90 dollars for .22 ounce of meat and from the State, we were use to eating large portions and was concern it wouldn’t be enough for us.

When looking for the restaurant, there is basically a fork once you exit the train station. Take the middle and walk straight down and you will see a left turn with the store sign L’Oreal at the end of the street. Don’t go that far since it means going too far, but use that as a point of reference. It’ll be on the left side when you see the L’Oreal sign.

Once inside the restaurant, you will be guided to your seat and they will then pull down a screen on both sides ; a nice way to provide some intimacy between tables.

There are several options to choose from, a la carte and set menu. We went with the “The BEST” meat selection since we were not big on eating internal organs and some of the other items in the other set menu. This then allowed us to order other appetizers to compliment such as the green salad, bim bap in hot clay stone.

They will show you how to cook the meat first and then you are left on your own, in cooking.

The fatty part of the meat does melt in your mouth with an amazing flavor ; the meat itself taste nothing like beef that one is accustomed to. We actually preferred the premium short rib, then the sirloin over the most expensive part, the tenderloin.

One interesting thing was I was wondering how to squeeze two kobe beef meals in during vacation but the strong flavor leaves you satisfy and hard to see how you can eat it more than once every so often.

Overall meal cost us about 260 and definitely one of the true pleasures of Japan.

Service was the best we had in Japan….very respectful and traditional….

Kyoto Chifaja Shijo Kiyamachi
Address 674-2 Kamiyacho
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8024
+81 75-252-4129

Great deal as we opted for the premium all you can meat deal which is about 33 USD for 90 minutes. Various meat selection and it takes a few tries to get the grilling technique correct, but once you do, eat to your hearts desire.

In the US, going for grilled meat is far more expensive (e.g. Korean short ribs) ; thus opportunity like this makes it seem like a bargain. You also have options for side dishes (bimbap rice was very good, salad, etc)

All in all, a great bargain and great food…

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