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Paris Rouge Bis
Address 7 Place Blanche
75009 Paris, France
+33 1 40 16 45 36
Review Regardless of whether you have tickets to Moulin Rouge and thus eating before the show, definitely do make a visit to Rouge Bis for some of the most innovative food we have had in quite some time ; food was delicious.

Directly across from Moulin Rouge, the restaurant may not look fancy but the look-n-feel reflects the neighborhood it is in.

Staff was attentive, with the hostess (my apologies for not asking her name) who welcomed us when we went to the counter by our names. A wonderful touch that even the high end restaurants don’t do, thus kudos to her for making us feel welcome.

The food was a surprise as we ordered for starters, the Foie Gras and the Escargot Poppers and for main course, the Hamburger and the Lamb entrée, finishing up with the Crème Brulee.

We would skip the Foie Gras as it came out in a yellow color and had a taste that felt as though it was mixed with some kind of fruit, thus the foie gras taste gets overshadowed. We did not like this dish and did not finish it but this was the lone exception in a wonderful meal.

The Escargot Poppers were delicious, with escargot diced up and stuffed inside poppers. Crunchy outside with tender snails inside ; well done.

The Hamburger was not your typical burger as it was shredded beef (think pulled pork) ; good condiments to go with it and good roasted potatoes, tasty menu.

The Lamb Entrée was superb…we had expected Lamb Chops or grilled lamb but instead, we first thought we had the wrong dish as we see salad but underneath was this delicious lamb. Once again its shredded akin to pulled pork, but each bite was succulent. High marks.

We finished it off with the Crème Brulee ; comes out with a nice crunchy top which we prefer to the normal burnt sugar and the crème brulee was a nice consistency, not overly thick. One of the best crème brulee we have ever had.

Overall, one of the best meals we ever had. Price was affordable as it didn’t even come out to 100 Euro. The food was innovative and delicious.

High marks all around to the hostess, the chef, the team, etc….wonderful.

 Paris Seb’On
Address 62 Rue d’oriel
75018 Paris, France
+33 1 42 59 74 32
Avignon Fou de Fafa
Address 17 Rue des 3 Faucons
84000 Avignon, France
+33 4 32 76 35 16
Review From start to finish, this was the most enjoyable meal we had on our vacation in France (includes stops at Paris, Avignon and Nice).

Antonia greeted us as we arrived by our name which is a nice touch and something other restaurants need to follow suit.

We ordered the ‘Carpaccio of beetroot with a goat cheese and honey mousse, green salad’ and ‘apple salad with blue cheese from the Auvergne and caramelized walnuts served with a raspberry vinaigrette’ for our les entrees (starter / appetizer) and both were delicious, fresh ingredients and tasty. The salad had no aftertaste unlike the mesclun salad one finds in the States.

For our main course (les plats), we ordered the ‘pan-fried duck breast with a creamy mushroom sauce, stir-fried vegetables, crushed potatoes’ and ‘lamb and aubergine gateau with a red wine jus, stir-fried vegetables, crushed potatoes’ and both were simply delicious. Antonia when taking our ordered informed us that the duck was usually prepared medium which meant pink in French, and thus we were able to order correctly per our preference. The lamb was shredded lamb surrounded by vegetables and both plates were large in portion and delicious.

For desert, we had the frommage, tasty goat cheese, etc.

The three course meal cost only 31 Euro per person, the best bargain from the meals we had in France.

It does make me wonder why a French meal in NY costs over 200 dollars and doesn’t even have the same level of service, food, ambience, etc.

Thanks to Antonia for being such a great hostess ; thanks to everyone for a great meal.

Do make sure to make reservations…

Well deserved number 1 ranking and as we wrapped up our meal, we made sure to make reservations for the following night.

On our second night of dinner, we had the Apple Salad and Squash Soup with Truffle Oil, delicious ; both had the duck and finished again with the frommage and chocolate/orange cake. Duck is definitely one of the best we ever had…

Overall, favorite meal on our vacation ; favorite hostess and look forward to visiting Avignon again just to eat here.

Kudos on a job well done….thank you…

Other food pics from France

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