Protein Shake

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Why make it at home? I have been spending $9.80 for a protein shake at one specific store weekly and decided to watch them make the shake.  (Protein shakes with whey powder usually cost $9 or more depending on the store)

I realized I’ve been overspending for a shake that I could make at home at significant savings and without much labor involved.

Cost Make it at home for less than $3 by shopping at warehouse club such as Costco.

  • Gold Standard Whey Protein 90 servings – $60 / (67 cents a serving).
  • Milk (3 1/2 gallon containers) – $9
  • 4 lb frozen fruit – $8 (or pick mulberries for free at parks in NYC with your children)
  • Hemp Seeds 1.5 lb bag – $14.99
  • Chia Seeds 2 lb bag – $7.49
  • Save money and takes only 5 minutes to make
  • If you exercise, drink protein shake within 30 minutes to help fuel muscle growth.
  • Excellent meal substitute
  • Cup of Ice
  • Cup of Milk (any type)
  • Cup of Fruit (any type)
  • Scoop of Whey Protein
  • Scoop of Peanut or Almond Butter (optional)
  • Scoop of Chia or Hemp Seeds (optional)
To Make
  • Add ice, milk and fruit to blender and crush/blend
  • Add the optional items and blend
  • Add Whey Protein Powder and blend
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