Restaurant Cecilia’s High Point Cafe
Address Dutchman’s Bay
Coolidge, Saint George, Antigua
+1 268-562-7070
Review Perfect setting for a romantic evening with wonderful ambiance and terrific food.

From the deck, you can bring down a glass of wine to sit by the lounge chairs as you look out into the night sky and enjoy the tranquility. With their resident cat and two dogs on the premises, you root for the dogs as they venture into the water hoping to catch some fish.

When ordering dinner, a chalkboard is presented to you with the menu and everything looks tempting.

Without a doubt the highlight of the meal was the appetizers we had, in the Chicken Pate which was silky smooth and probably the best I ever had ; we also had the Fish Soup special, perfectly spiced with shrimp and fish that exceeded the same fish soups here in the states.

As other restaurants on the islands are priced the same, make the trip out to enjoy the view, the wonderful service, the delicious food and overall, what dinner in the Caribbean is all about.

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