Restaurant Le Bon Pain
Address Island Harbor, Anguilla
+1 264-497-4090
Review Our order was taken and we waited with nervous anticipation for our baked goods to be bought out. Once it arrived and we had it in our hands, the smile that comes with hearing your favorite song or a happy memory returned.

It has been 3 years since we were in Anguilla and looked forward to being back at Le Bon Pain, our favorite bakery in all our travels.

Restaurant is only open in the morning and is closed on Wednesday ; do arrive early as there is a wait but more importantly to not risk having one of the baked items being sold out.

The baguettes are simply better than those made in Paris, extremely light, crunchy and delicious as its freshly made when you order. We have had our baguettes with butter but our favorite is baguette with tuna fish, swiss cheese and lettuce and tomato. The whole baguette is made into a sandwich thus portion size is extremely generous and even half the portion size is far superior to any tuna fish sandwich in NY

Croissants are light, buttery and delicious, with varieties such as chocolate croissant or almond croissant. There are also other types of pastries and spinach or ham quiche, both wonderful.

Le Bon Pain is the only bakery I would wake up early in the morning and order from.

Give it a try and we promise you’ll be coming back here every day during your vacation. Once you are back home, anytime you have a baguette or croissant, you’ll reflect back on Le Bon Pain, the best bakery in the world.

Restaurant Artisan
Address Webster’s Yard
Island Harbor, Anguilla
+1 264-235-6116
Review It never dawned upon us to try pizza when we are in the Caribbean but we are glad we went and tried Artisan.

We finished our dinner (takeout) not more than 30 minutes ago and wanted to post right away…kudos to the team on an outstanding job…

Wonderful deco ; attentive staff ; fast service ; great prices and wonderful, wonderful food.

We ordered the calamari with salad and calamari was fried perfectly, no greasy taste ; the salad was incredibly fresh and love the way it was cut as it allowed you to taste the freshness. This appetizer dish beats similar we had in NY and Italy, it is really that good.

The pizza took longer to prepare than the actual cooking time (approximately 60-90 seconds) and it was delicious. We had the margarita pie with the ground beef and artichoke topping. Ground beef was great and the artichoke was fresh (not from a can)…

The overall bill for the two items was 30 USD which compares favorably to prices in NY but one major difference…we would order from Artisan over any of the pizzeria in NYC…

Other food pics from Anguilla

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